Thursday, 8 March 2012

15 Excellent Sites To Send National And International SMS For Free

Are you addicted to your PC or laptop with internet? No time to send SMS to your friends even touch your mobile? Don’t worry! There are many sites provide you to send free national SMS and international SMS too. Don’t waste your money on mobile booster cards. No need to touch your mobile for sending SMS. Just you can sign in to that websites and send free SMS to your friends. The mobiles are only providing 140 characters by send one message, but in case of websites they are providing more than 160 characters to send. There are some advantages while sending SMS through websites. Some advantages are, you can type easily in system compare to mobile, no cost. Here I will give some websites which are providing you to send free SMS’s.
1.,a best site to send national SMS. All overIndiayou can send the SMS at free of cost. It can be allows you to send up to 140 characters for a message. In this site you can activate mail alerts. If you got any mails means you can get that information to your mobile phone itself. Here is no limit to send SMS. Try once you won’t leave from this site.
This site is allows you to send 500 free message per a day, and 100 message to a single person. It’s having “send later” option which is used to send the SMS later. You can save the contacts number. And it’s providing some ideas to the messages.
To text to your friends you can use this site with free of cost! It’s having the collection of SMS, you can select whatever you want and send it to your loved one. Enjoy!
This is your city to send free international SMS. You no need worry about your friends who are all staying in other country. You can nearby them through your SMS.
In this site you can easily sign in and can send the messages to your friends. But the fact is you couldn’t save your contacts. Here you can get more attractive SMS collections.
One of the sites to send free SMS around India. No registration needed to send the message. Just you need to select the sender’s first four mobile numbers and can type other numbers by your own. You can type up to 140 characters per message.
7. is one of the website which allows you to send free SMS without registration. In this site the entered sender mobile number that should be in international format. But they didn’t mention any time limits to deliver the sent message.
The site for sending world wide SMS’s with 197 characters at free of cost. No need to enter country codes! The needed thing is that you are the corporate member in free text. Text your friends now!!
By using this site you can send SMS to any mobile around India. Here also no registration needed. The site will ask you to select the mobile carrier of sender’s. It’s very fast and easy!
This site allows you to send free SMS all over India while you are completing your registration on this site. Country code is no need. Collections of SMS are there to send your friends.
Wow!! The ibibo is a social network site, that providing you to send the SMS’s.  You don’t need any separate account for sending SMS through You can send by using the ibibo account user name and password. It is very fast. The sander can send the message within a fraction of second.
krify also allows you to send free SMS without any registration. Just fill up the field which provides you in the first page. That should be used to send the messages. In all over India you can send the SMS at free cost.
In this site they asked you to sign up for send the messages. It is possible to send the SMS in many of the countries around the world by using Here after don’t waste your money in mobile booster cards!
The best site that providing you both national and international messages with free cost. This site is having two columns in its front page. The first one is to send the messages in worldwide and the next one is used to send the messages around the India.
Send unlimited messages through This site is needed the new user to sign up. Here you can send group messages to your friends. In this site your message will delivers within 30 seconds.

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