Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Proof of Life at Titan

In a recent invention it has been found that there is some electrical activity at TITAN, the largest moon of Saturn. After that research, it is a hot matter of discussion in scientific community, whether there is life on Saturn or not.

Titan: Moon Of Saturn

Previous Beliefs and researches

According to all previous beliefs. It is almost impossible for Life to sustain on Saturn due to its extremely low temperature that is -350 degrees Celsius.

Huygens Mission of NASA

In 2005 Huygens spacecraft was send to study the clouds on Titan. It was the first spacecraft to go there. As soon as Huygens entered in the environment of Titan, force of fast winds turned it to 30 degrees. After this accident, it was not possible for Huygens to find the electrical resonance on Saturn.

Study by Juan Antonio Morente

Prof Juan Antonio Morente of University of Granada, Spain studied data collected by Huygens and found that there are clues that there may be Natural Electrical Field on the surface of Titan. This energy is same as, which started chemical energy on Earth that ultimately lead to the starting of life.

Supported Reasons for this research 

Cassini huygens spacecraft on Titan

It has been found out that the processes that started life on earth are possible at many places in Universe out of which Saturn is one. It has been confirmed that there is a big lake of hydrocarbons on Saturn. So after earth Saturn is the second place with so much liquid present openly. In these situation if lighting occurs at Saturn, then it may lead to the birth of Atoms, which are known as the starting phase of life.

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