Thursday, 8 March 2012

Use General-Files To Download Free Movies, Games And Sofware

We should thank the inventors of Internet technologies that made it possible to send a large file to faraway machines in no time. There are lots of file sharing sites out there on the Internet that helps you to share unlimited number of files with your friends and family. A lot of people search for movies, songs and games on the Internet and they download all of them for free.
Sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload allows you to upload files for free and as soon as the file uploads, an URL will be created for you to give to others. But these websites lack search engine functionality, that means you can’t search for files on these websites. There is a better alternative available named as General Files, a file search engine that displays results from all major file sharing websites like Rapidshare, 4shared etc at one place.
General Files logo thumb Use General Files To Download Free Movies, Games And Sofware
When you visit General Files, you’ll see a search box across the top of the page. Clicking on the ‘Options’ next to the search box will open a drop down menu where you can select which website you want to search in, which type of file you’re looking for. You can also specify the file size and sort the results by most popular and most recently added.

You can run an advanced search to quickly find the stuff you’re looking for to get rid of irrelevant search results. Simply click the ‘Advanced Search’ link at the top right corner of the webpage. You can download free Movies, Games, Software, Music and much more from General Files search engine.
When you use websites like Bittorrent to download big files, sometimes you end up downloading a corrupted file. You try hard to download the exact stuff you’re looking for so that you will not regret later. Things like this will not happen again if you use General Files search engine, as it allows its users to remove invalid files to keep the database clean.
General Catalog is another website created by the same group, which is a free software directory that allows you to look for music, movies, software, games and all kinds of stuff easily. All downloads are segregated into sections in a complete and careful manner. This website provides just another way to look for the stuff you want by browsing the catalog. Take a look at both websites and do share your views.

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