Monday, 9 April 2012

Anonymous hakers hacked Tunisian Prime Minister's emails

Anonymous Hackers group said it obtained over 2,700 emails belonging to the ruling party, including Tunisian Prime Minister in protest against attack on demonstrators. 

"To the Tunisian government, we have kept a large part of your data secret. If you do not wish to see these published on the internet we ask you to work to the best of your ability to avoid internet censorship and to respect human rights and the freedom of expression in Tunisia," said in the video posted on a Facebook page belonging to Anonymous TN.

The mail allegedly contains sensitive data including phone numbers,election campaign invoices and bank transactions.

Government officials declined detailed comment on the security breach but said many of the emails appeared to be old.

"We are still trying to confirm if Jebali's hacked account was from before he became prime minister or after," Reuters quoted Jebali's spokesman, Rida Kezdaghli, as saying.

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