Sunday, 8 April 2012


Sometime we want to block some websites as in case of home,Parents Wants to block some unwanted sites which is mostly visited by child then in that case we have to do some changes in operating System Host File but Today Will Show YOu how to do it using tool,Actually Want to Show you doing it without tool but will do it later,until then use this software to block websites

About Block Website Buddy

Block Websites Buddy is an essential utility to block unwanted websites.
Don't download advertising banners and prohibit browsing undesired websites to keep your privacy and speed up internet traffic.

First of all download Block Website Buddy, link to download Block Website Buddy is ------>Download Block Websites Buddy
Install Block Website Buddy.
Now Select the Block Website Buddy Tab.
Then On Right Hand Side Click Block Website,add your website.You are able to block the website.
To Unblock It ,Click on Blocked Websites in Block Websites Buddy,Right Click and delete the website.
You are able to unblock that website.
You are able to block any Website Using it, Others features in it like Password

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