Thursday, 19 April 2012

Remote Access Trojan steals credit card data from a hotel PoS app

Cyber Criminals are selling a remote access Trojan on underground forums that targets hotel front desk computers , capable of stealing credit card details.

According to Trusteer researchers report, the Trojan steals credit card and other customer information by capturing screenshots from the PoS application. 

"This scheme, which is focused on the hospitality industry, illustrates how criminals are planting malware on enterprise machines to collect financial information instead of targeting end users devices."Trusteer researcher said.

The Trojan is being offered for $280, the purchase price includes instructions on how to set-up the Trojan. The seller even offer advice on how to use vishing(phishing attack via VoIP) technique to trick front desk managers into installing the Trojan.

To prove the effectiveness of the fraud package, the seller uses a screenshot taken by the remote access Trojan from the PoS system at one of the world’s largest hotel chains.

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