Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Malware infected emails sent in the name of FCI Exchange.

A large number of malicious emails are been spammed out all over the world as seized by Sophos Researchers.

The emails contained a many different patterns of message about selling out real estate that claimed to be sent by a firm called FCI Exchange.

This is a example of it :- 

The main lines used in this spam message included :
We sell Real Estate notes
Performing Notes Wanted
RE notes wanted

The email also had an attachment in a zip format, in the name of 'FCI_Exchange_Report_[random number].zip'. This file contains a malicious file designed to infect windows computers.

Sophos Research Lab have updated their security products that are now able to detect this kind of malware file as Troj/Dorkbot-BL (the emails are already being intercepted as spam).

Do always check carefully these kind of emails and their attachment , it may be designed to infect your computer.

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